Inova Heart and Vascular Institute’s Electrophysiology Program – which focuses on patients with disturbances in the heart’s electrical activity – is at the forefront of medical science. Inova specialists treat everything from routine problems to the more challenging heart rhythm disorders formerly considered inoperable or untreatable.

The program is the most comprehensive in the region, with specialists in adult and pediatric electrophysiology providing the full spectrum of cardiac care.

The Inova Heart and Vascular Institute is also home to the internationally renowned Atrial Fibrillation Program. State-of-the-art treatment options are available, including a minimally invasive Maze surgical procedure.

Help for Arrhythmia

Most often, arrhythmia is initially diagnosed and managed by a cardiologist. Depending on the course of treatment, other specialists who may be involved in a patient's care could include electrophysiologistsinterventional cardiologists and cardiac surgeons.

Inova's arrhythmia program is a unique collaboration between electrophysiologists and cardiac surgeons who work together to develop the most appropriate treatment plan.

Our atrial fibrillation program features long-term follow-up that monitors each patient’s medical progress and quality of life. Patients are surveyed regularly and outcomes data is continuously reviewed. This rigorous follow-up is distinctive among heart centers across the country, where patients are typically released back to their physicians with no further contact after surgery.

Inova is the only healthcare provider in the country that currently offers an electrophysiology training program designed for students pursuing a master’s degree in cardiovascular sciences.