Information for referring physicians

What is Inova's Cardiovascular Genomics Center?

The Inova Cardiovascular Genomics Center is a multidisciplinary clinic of cardiologists, genetic counselors and medical geneticists with an interest in inherited cardiovascular disease, pharmacogenomics and cardiovascular risk assessment. The mission of the Center is to incorporate precision medicine into the care of cardiovascular patients through translational diagnostics and targeted therapeutics. Our goal is to optimize health outcomes in patients with cardiovascular disease through a clear and consistent commitment to practicing pioneering genomic medicine.

What are the benefits of referring a patient?

Interpreting genetic testing can be difficult. We will schedule follow-up with the patient to review testing and work with family members for testing if indicated. We will also provide detailed clinical recommendations about the genetic findings, such that you as their primary cardiologist or physician can determine the best clinic course of action. We hope to engage you in the ongoing care of these complex patients. In many circumstances there is no need to come to the Cardiovascular Genomics Center after the initial testing is completed and counseling performed. We are here to support you to the degree needed.

What should the patient expect?

After a detailed evaluation by a medical geneticist and genetic counselor, each patient will have an extensive multigenerational family pedigree performed, physical exam and review of diagnostic studies. We will then provide recommendations along with counseling on the risks/benefits of genetic testing as well as potential implications for other family members. We will work with the patients and insurers to ensure the testing is covered. We have the ability to perform many of these tests in-house through the Inova Genomics Laboratory, providing expedited return of results.

For more information about our Cardiovascular Genomics Center or to schedule an appointment please call 703-776-6453 or email