Information about our Cardiovascular Precision Medicine study

Study Name: Cardiovascular Precision Medicine

Age Group: Adult

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Background Information: The objective of this study is to advance the scientific knowledge base to diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease by more fully integrating a person’s individual genetic and cellular physiology. Inova physicians rely on samples collected for this study (blood, urine, and tissue) to research important questions of heart function, clotting, strokes, and effectiveness of medicines and treatments. With subject participation over time we are able to analyze changes in gene expression that may predict response to drugs, predict variation due to environmental exposures, and predict long-term health outcomes.

Participation requires very little of your time. It is basically a contribution of a few extra teaspoons of blood and urine during your regular lab draws at Inova. No extra blood sticks required and no extra trips to your doctor or hospital are required to participate. For patients who receive more involved surgical treatment for their cardiovascular condition, we would collect and analyze tissue that is normally thrown away.

Offered at:
Inova Heart and Vascular Institute
3300 Gallows Road
Falls Church, VA 22042

Principal investigators:
Palak Shah MD MS FACC
Christopher O’Connor MD FACC
Christopher DeFilippi MD

Eligibility Information

  • Patient has diagnosed or suspected cardiovascular disease
  • Patient receives care within the Inova Health System

Contact Information
Sheila Phillips

Donations are welcome. This study and its subsequent analyses are funded through the generous support of Inova donors.

For more information about our Cardiovascular Genomics Center or to schedule an appointment please call 1-855-5CV-GENE or email