Vascular disease in patients with diabetes can lead to problems of the diabetic foot. Because of the complexity of the problem as well as the risk of leg amputation, patients need highly experienced physicians to provide the appropriate treatment and management. Inova vascular surgeons are dedicated to preventing leg amputation in individuals with diabetes and have the expertise to effectively treat this problem.

Causes of foot disease in diabetes

Three main factors lead to problems of the diabetic foot:

  • Neuropathy: Many factors cause neuropathy in diabetes. Numbness in the foot is one of the manifestations of diabetic neuropathy.
  • Vascular disease: This is the same as peripheral artery disease (PAD), and is caused by atherosclerosis
  • Infection

Symptoms of a diabetic foot

  • An ulcer or sore in the foot
  • Pain
  • Redness in the foot
  • Gangrene

What to expect at your medical exam

Your vascular surgeon will perform a full history, including questions about the nature of your diabetic foot problem, severity, and how fast it typically takes you to heal from a wound. He or she will also perform a full physical exam to determine which causes are present, and whether vascular disease is present. In some cases, the infection and severity of the problem may prompt your vascular surgeon to recommend admission to the hospital for treatment.

Treatment for diabetic foot

Treatment addresses the cause of diabetic foot and the best way to treat your specific condition. Learn more about treatment for diabetic foot arrows