An electrophysiology (EP) study is a test that evaluates the electrical conduction system in the heart. The rapid advancements in EP technologies allow cardiologists to treat heart rhythm problems that until just recently were incurable.

A cardiologist inserts a small, plastic catheter (tube) through a vein in the groin (and sometimes via the neck or sub-clavian region) and places it in the heart to test the electrical activity of the heart.

This technology also allows Inova cardiologists to:

  • Induce an arrhythmia safely
  • Add intravenous medications
  • Map the arrhythmia in preparation for ablation

The results of the study may be needed to help the physician determine further therapeutic measures, such as inserting a pacemaker or implantable defibrillator.

How to get an Electrophysiology (EP) study at Inova

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