A VQ scan (ventilation-perfusion lung scan) is a nuclear medicine imaging study. VQ scans can be used to help diagnose pulmonary embolism in patients who cannot receive iodinated contrast (X-ray dye), such as that used in computed tomographic angiography (CTA).

For the ventilation part of the study, a radioactive chemical is inhaled to evaluate which parts of the lung receive oxygen. The perfusion part of the study is performed after a radioactive chemical is injected into an IV to map the blood flow to the lungs. The ventilation and perfusion parts of the study are then compared to each other.

How to receive a VQ scan at Inova

To receive a VQ scan at Inova, you must have a written order from your doctor. Once you have your prescription order in hand, please contact call our radiology centralized scheduling line at 571-423-5400. For Loudoun County locations, please call 703-858-6470.