At Inova Heart and Vascular Institute, we aim to treat the whole patient and care for the heart as well as improve one's overall health status.

Making changes to avoid heart disease

Your heart is a vital organ that keeps your body functioning. Unfortunately, many people don't treat it that way. They may not realize that their daily habits and lifestyle can overwork and damage their heart. So, take care of your heart and yourself. Start by making the following lifestyle changes. Let's get started arrows

The Dome Experience

The Dome is a live-surgery experience that welcomes students and community members to witness open-heart surgeries firsthand while learning how healthy – and not-so-healthy – lifestyles can impact their own heart health. Learn More arrows

Support groups

Inova Heart and Vascular Institute offers several support groups for patients, families and caregivers. See support group information arrows

Inova fitness & wellness classes

Getting excercise, eating right and nurturing your mind as well as your body can all lead to an improvement in your heart health. Check out Inova's health & wellness offerings arrows