Support groups for patients, families and caregivers at Inova Heart & Vascular Institute

Heart Surgery
Mended Hearts support group for heart surgery patients

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          Inova Fairfax Hospital

Tender Hearts Support Group for parents of children with heart problems
  Inova Fairfax Hospital
Please contact
Beckie Reilly at 571-286-9481

Heart & Lung Transplant, VAD/Artificial Heart Group
Meets the first Tuesday of every month from 1 to 2 p.m. VAD patients to meet ½ hour longer.

Virtual meetings via Zoom.

All listed candidates need to call if unable to attend: 703-776-7076.
  Inova Fairfax Hospital
Please contact
Kathy Briggs, LCSW, CCTSW at 703-776-7076 or to receive a Zoom invite to join.

Topics include pulmonary and cardiac rehab; post transplant care; living with a transplant; waiting for a transplant; infectious disease and more.
Heart & Lung Support Group: Printable schedule for 2021  adobe icon