Discover your heart age

You’re invited to learn more about your heart health by taking this free five minute heart disease risk assessment tool provided by Inova Heart and Vascular Institute.

Give us some details and we’ll give you a more complete picture so you can take action and, if need be, seek treatment.

To learn your heart age you’ll need to provide some information, but don’t worry if some of it is unavailable. You can still use the cardiovascular assessment tool provided by Inova Heart and Vascular Institute to help your determine heart health.

Good news! You can make immediate changes to ward off heart problems and manage any heart disease you may currently have. Simple changes in diet can go a long way toward reducing cholesterol levels to the healthy zone – and keeping it there!

Adding just a bit of exercise can do a lot to reduce high blood pressure, as will stopping smoking. As ever, we at Inova are here to help you get and stay heart healthy.

FYI - To complete the assessment it would help to have the following information (but is not necessary):
  • Systolic blood pressure: First/top number, which represents minimum pressure on arteries when heart is relaxed
  • Diastolic blood pressure: Second/bottom number, which represents maximum pressure on arteries when heart is beating. Importance of diastolic blood pressure increases with age.
  • Total cholesterol: HDL cholesterol plus LDL cholesterol plus other lipids. Lipoproteins can build up enough to clog arteries and lead to heart disease.
  • HDL: “Good” cholesterol that protects against heart disease by taking “bad” cholesterol out of your blood.
  • LDL: “Bad” cholesterol that builds up and increases heart disease risk.
  • Triglycerides: Chemical form of fat in food and body.
  • Fasting blood sugar: Blood sugar levels after fasting for 12 hours used to assess risk for diabetes.