IHVI offers multiple options for treatment of advanced heart failure to improve quality of life:

Specialized Testing

Medical Management of Symptoms

Surgical Interventions

Specialized Testing – Cardiopulmonary Stress Test is an important tool to evaluate the functional capacity level in patients with serious cardiac conditions. Unlike tests focused on a single organ system, this test provides an integrated measurement involving pulmonary, cardiovascular and the skeletal muscle systems. Several different protocols and methods can be used for functional testing depending on the patient's condition and diagnosis. Most system use some form of breath measurement to provide insight into oxygen uptake during exercise. Testing can be done using either a bicycle or treadmill.

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Medical Management of Symptoms - Remote home-based monitoring

More Precise Medication Management

Intermittent office visits for outpatient management have proven to be a challenge for heart failure patients as they frequently experience complications, such as fluid backing up in their lungs, which result in repeated hospitalizations. IHVI offers implantable technologies that continuously monitor patients at home.

CardioMEMS HF System
CardioMEMs HF System (Photo courtesy of St. Judes Medical Inc.)

The sensor, which is about the size of a paperclip, is inserted into the pulmonary artery using a minimally invasive catheter-based outpatient procedure. The device continuously measures pressure inside the artery and automatically sends results to the patient’s physician. This allows prompt medication adjustments to help prevent heart failure decompensation and urgent admissions to the hospital.

Nationally the CardioMEMS HF System has shown:

  • 33% overall reduction in heart failure hospitalizations*
  • 50% reduction in heart failure hospitalization for HFpEF patients*
  • Shorter length of stay when patients are hospitalized
  • Better quality of life as shown by significant improvements in Minnesota Living with Heart Failure Questionnaire scores

    *across an average of 18 months
    Source: Abbott / CHAMPION trial

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Surgical Interventions – Mechanical Circulatory Support – Ventricular Assist Devices Expertise in VAD/LVAD

IHVI is a leader in development and use of VAD/LVAD for patients living with end-stage heart failure. Our program remains one of the busiest in the Mid-Atlantic and has again earned The Joint Commission’s Advanced Certification for exemplary quality care and service.

Participation in a variety of clinical trials assures the latest pharmaceutical and technological advances are available to our patients. For more than 20 years, IHVI has participated in research to develop improved devices for both bridge-to-transplant or as a permanent therapy providing improved quality of life and increased time to live.

Our staff also participates as part of the multidisciplinary team overseeing other forms of cardiac support such as ECMO and Impella.

Surgical Interventions – Heart Transplant

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